Uriah Hall thought he killed Adam Cella, foot hurt for a week

There are no longer any question about who the TUF Beast is.

In his fight to get into the house, Uriah Hall beat Andy Enz, sending him to the hospital with a broken arm.

In episode 3 of season 17 of the Ultimate Fighter, Hall fought Adam Cella, and  delivered one of the most devastating knockouts in the sports’ history. Again, his opponent was taken to the hospital from the effects of a single kick.

Cella suffered no serious injury from the blow, and is expected to fight at the TUF 17 Finale in April.


In the immediate aftermath of arguably the most violent televised knockout in combat sports history, Uriah Hall’s overriding emotion was fear.

He was fearful he may have killed Adam Cella with the spinning back kick knockout that was broadcast Tuesday on FX.

He was fearful, at least for a moment, that the violence he had unleashed upon Cella would get him arrested.

“That’s my favorite technique,” Hall said of the kick. “… It’s a little bit of an unorthodox move. If you have good speed and good whip, you can catch someone, and it’s really deadly. I love to use that technique, and just from being in the ring with him, I’d seen how he would drop his hand a little bit.

“I had the chance and I capitalized on it and I took it.”

Hall said that after landing the kick, his foot hurt for a week.

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