Will Brooks: I can beat any lightweight in MMA

Not many UFC fans are familiar with Will Brooks, but MMA fans know he is a world class light weight and current Bellator world champion. Brooks is 15-1 as a professional and already has proven himself with back to back wins over Mike Chandler. Brooks believes he has what it takes to fight and beat the best in the world:

“I think so,” Brooks says when asked if he deserves to be ranked there. “I think I've still got some work to do. I still gotta prove myself. I still gotta continue to build on what I've done right now, but if I had to step back and be a fan, I'd say, yeah, man. Deep down in my bones, I believe I can beat anybody in the lightweight division: Bellator, UFC or World Series of Fighting. Anybody. I can beat them. I genuinely believe that all the way down to my core. I just have to keep working to get better.

“I think people are seeing that,” he explains. “They're seeing that I'm getting better every single fight, not just as a fighter, but as a person. I think I'm putting it on display that I'm not just top 10 the fighter, but top 10 a person. I'm doing the best I can.”

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