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9/16/20 5:18 PM
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UFC president Dana White said he wanted to make Dustin Poirier vs. Tony Ferguson, and rumors circulated that the fight would take place in the co-main of UFC 254: Nurmagomedov vs. Gaethje on October 24 on Fight Island, Abu Dhabi. Further speculation centered on the bout fighters serving to as replacements if the main event fell apart. If Khabib Nurmagomedov dropped out, Poirier would fight Gaethje instead of Poirier. And if Gaethje dropped out, Ferguson would fight Nurmagomedov. However, the fight fell apart, reportedly over Poirier wanting significant compensation.

At the latest DWCS post-fight press conference, White suggested Poirier simply didn't want the fight.

“Listen, I like Dustin,” said White, as transcribed by Mike Bohn and John Morgan for MMAjunkie. “I’m not going to sit up here and say anything negative about Dustin, he’s a great kid. I don’t know if it was he didn’t want to fight in Abu Dhabi or what his deal was – he didn’t want to fight.

“Listen, there’s a lot of different ways to turn down a fight. Negotiating yourself out of one is one of the ways you can do it. So for whatever reason, he didn’t want to take this fight. Only he knows that.”

MMA Junkie reached out to Poirier who said he still wants the Ferguson fight.

“I do want that fight,” texted Poirier. “Simple and plain, I want to fight Tony. I like the matchup.”

However, White has apparently moved on.

“I told you we’ve got a fight,” White said. “I don’t see Tony not accepting the fight.”

9/16/20 5:22 PM
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I hate when DW publicly leverages against his fighters, but he’s within his rights to do so. And, unfortunately, he’s never afraid to use any leverage he has (or simply creates) publicly.

9/16/20 5:33 PM
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Egg gonna Egg

9/16/20 5:56 PM
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Poirier wanted more money.

9/17/20 1:33 AM
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9/17/20 2:43 AM
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lol dana always gets upset and talks shit when fighters ask for more money


9/17/20 3:26 AM
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Who is Shoa Khan you frigging amateur?

9/17/20 10:56 AM
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That's pretty simple.

BLAF doesn't want to pay what Dustin is asking.

So he says Dustin doesn't want the fight.

9/17/20 11:15 AM
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That's pretty simple.

BLAF doesn't want to pay what Dustin is asking.

So he says Dustin doesn't want the fight.

Sure, but Dustin has a contract, and based on the fact that the UFC was talking to him about money, it sounds like they were willing to give him a bump, just not what he wanted.

So (making up numbers here) if Dustin was set to make 250k, Dana offered to change the contract to 350k, and Dustin wanted 600k...I think Dana's point about "negotiating yourself out of the fight" would be valid.

Without knowing how much of an increase Dustin is asking for, it's tough to say. However, he's done this multiple times. He complained a ton before getting a new deal, then was happy and beat Eddie and Gaethje back to back. He then started asking for his release because the UFC wouldn't give him what he wanted next, and he also was asking for more money...and this was right after Khabib beat Conor.

The UFC again gives him a raise, and puts him in with Max for the interim title while Khabib was hurt. It should have been Tony, but he didn't want another interim fight, so Dustin got paid and got the fight. He beats Max, loses to Khabib, wins a close one against Hooker and is again unhappy, refusing to fight unless he's given another raise.

Even before the Hooker fight, he was asking for a raise...think about that for a minute. Dude was coming off a fight where he was absolutely dominated by Khabib, and said he'd only fight Al Iaquinta if he was given a raise, and the fight could be at 170...wat

The pattern is pretty well established with Dustin...complains, refuses to fight and gets a raise. Wins a couple fights, then wants a raise bigger than what's already in his contract, starts talking shit again and starts turning down fights until he's paid.

I like watching him fight, but he's not a huge draw, and is arguably the 5th best guy in the division...and if the UFC signs Chandler, he might be the 6th best guy. On any given night, he might be the 2nd best, but we'll never find out with him on the sidelines demanding a raise.

The division will run right by him. Ferguson will beat someone in Oct and take the number 2 ranking from Dustin, Conor will come back, and by Dec 2020 Dustin will be ranked no higher than 4th...and that's assuming Chandler doesn't sign. If he does, and beats someone like Felder, it's possible we see a top 5 like this by Jan 1:

Khabib, Gaethje, Ferguson, Conor, Chandler, Dustin

9/17/20 11:36 AM
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I really wish all the negotiation tactics were kept between the UFC and the fighters/managers. It sucks to see big fights being teased and then the fighter and org blaming each other publicly for not making it happen. 

9/17/20 12:09 PM
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Who is Shoa Khan you frigging amateur?

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9/17/20 12:15 PM
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Caposa nails it: https://twitter.com/Grabaka_Hitman/status/1306245795113570305/photo/1

9/17/20 12:26 PM
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I hope they can sign the fight..Its a good matchup.If not hopefully they can find a good replacement to fight Ferguson