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Laura Sanko went 4-1 as an atomweight amateur, won her pro debut at Invicta FC 4 in 2013, got pregnant, and then transitioned to a role as a fight analyst. She interviews fighters for Dana White’s Contender Series and is seen regularly on UFC Fight Pass and on ESPN.

During a UFC on ESPN+ 38 media day interview, Sanko argued that the UFC would benefit from adding a women's atomweight (105) division.

“I’m probably gonna get all sorts of flack for saying this," she began accurately. "But I think the UFC has proven that women’s MMA is a very good business to be in. I think the featherweight division is exciting in its own right because you get big punchers, and you get big finishes, and you have Amanda Nunes. I mean, who doesn’t wanna see Amanda Nunes fight no matter what weight it is? But I will say that if you’re looking to tap into markets like China, like the rest of Asia, there are a lot of atomweight women over there, a lot, and there are a lot in the United States, as well.”

“I think that there’s a handful of girls that fight at strawweight that are much better suited to be atomweights. I know Loma Lookboonmee has put on some muscle and obviously doing good things at strawweight, but she’s a natural atomweight. Jessica Penne used to be an atomweight, Michelle Waterson used to be atomweight – I don’t know if Michelle Waterson can make atomweight anymore, because she is stacked and there’s a whole crew of really talented women coming up through Invicta.”

“I actually think it’s a much easier division to keep filled up than featherweight is. There’s just more, I think they’re really exciting fighters, and I need to go back and look at the stats, but last time I looked, there is a surprising number of finishers.”

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It's time for the UFC to get rid of all women's divisions...and flyweight while we're at it

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That's a no from me, dawg.

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And make them the main event for a PPV! 




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From her Insta yesterday:

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Pardon me while I stand up real tall for a second and look my goals in the eye...even if I have to stand on my toes to do it. I’ve never been over qualified on paper to do some of the things I’m most proud of in my life. At age 24 I joined a local Angel investment group as a proxy for my business partner at the time (meaning I didn’t have the personal finances to legally be considered an “accredited investor”) I represented him at investment pitches (think Shark Tank) and decided whether we would invest or not. It was 24 year old me and about 15 men age 35-65. Not another woman had ever been a member of that particular group. I still remember walking in for the first time and having them look at me like I was about to take their coffee order lol. 2-3 meetings later I had earned their respect by coming having done a ton of research on the respective industries and by challenging the would-be investment recipients on their financial assumptions, go to market strategies, investment terms etc. with real insight because I had some a shit ton of research. Most of the men in there were successful entrepreneurs themselves and I had no such experience yet. In short, I didn’t belong there ...but I did. I went on to help successfully pitch and raise a series A round from some of the guys who founded PayPal and Sean Parker (the guy who founded Napster back in the day and who is played by Justin Timberlake in the movie The Social Network). This time it was 25 year old me and my 3 male Co-founders who were in their 40s. On paper I had no business being there...but I did. My age and understanding of the industry we were entering ended up being a huge asset as we convinced these 28 year old billionaires to invest and my relative lack of resume didn’t mean shit to them...they saw my drive. It’s a theme that was true every time I went to a new MMA gym back when I first started. I was the only girl but I earned the respect of my teammates and coaches quickly through hard work. I didn’t really belong ...but I did. Truth is, I kinda like when people underestimate me ...just makes the moment when I earn their respect even more rewarding ?? (photo: @desautomatas ????)

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Let’s add 105 and send the whole of WMMA to invicta or a branded WUFC for 5 years. Would they break even?

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slaughteringyou -

Let’s add 105 and send the whole of WMMA to invicta or a branded WUFC for 5 years. Would they break even?

I think they should keep WMMA in Invicta and only have title fights and top 5 fights in the UFC.

I also think they need a farm league for the UFC and stop having these fights no one cares to watch.

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Absolutely not.

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if they dump womens 145

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She needs to close her mouth and show her tits. 

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" but last time I looked, there is a surprising number of finishers.

By "surprising" she probably means "every now and then a chick with a 0-0 record gets subbed, but it's so surprising I can't really name one off the top of my head, and besides, I'm easily surprised."

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" I need to go back and look at the stats....."

Well, Laura, I'll save you the time and effort. I looked at Invicta's last 10 cards.

  • 13 Atom Weight fights. 
  • 11 Decisions.
  • 1 sub.
  • 1 TKO.
  • 15% rate of finishes.

Only Tecia Torres, with her 9% career finish rate, would say that's huge. 



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Uuuugh she needs just interview DWCS winners while doing the bobble head yes. 

Me and my friends litteraly bobble head haha

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Send them all back to Invicta and support them over there. I liked Invicta before the UFC started cherry picking their roster.

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Christ no.

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Thanks but no thanks!

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It's time for UFC to remove women's divisions.

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Hard pass from me. I like fights to have the threat of a finish. You don’t get much of one at 35 let alone 105 

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Go for it, just keep them off the main cards and any PPV. 

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Time for the UFC to have women's championship fights only. Or just on Invicta.

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If you must but is there really enough talent for that division.

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Women should be open weight only.