UnderGround Forums Lewis again calls for Reem fight, with a caveat

11 days ago
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Prior to his fight at Saturday's UFC Vegas 19 vs. then #2 ranked Curtis Blaydes, then #4 ranked Derrick Lewis called out #6 ranked Alistair Overeem. As Overeem saw his two-fight win streak broken by Alexander Volkov at UFC Vegas 18, the fight would have made the most sense if Lewis lost - #2 beats #4 and #5 beat #6, so #4 fights #6. However, after "The Black Beast" delivered a well and truly holy f***ing s*** knockout of "Razor," Lewis reiterated his desire to "clap Overeem's cheeks" adding that he didn't mean it is a gay way.

“I want Overeem next," said Lewis at the post-fight press conference. "Like I said earlier, I’m already greased and oiled up for him so we ready. I don’t care he got a couple of losses in a row. It’ll be cool just to fight him because he’s a so-called legend, so it’ll be cool to fight somebody like that. And also, he’d been talking trash, he’s saying that his teammate Curtis can handle this lightweight and stuff like that.”

“We’ve been trying to fight him for years and he turned down the fight four times already. He might take it. He’d been hit in the head a couple of times so he might forget all about what happened tonight.”

And there's a caveat. Lewis's greatest fight may be internal, against the need to training full time. So what was on his mind was not having to potentially fight for 25 minutes.

“I would like a three-round fight. Just because… I don’t want five rounds,” he said. “I don’t need no main event. I don’t deserve a main event. I don’t want to go five rounds, I hate five rounds.”

Lewis's win streak is now at four, and his stock has never been higher. Further, the heavyweight championship may be tied up for a while - division champion Stipe Miocic defends in a rematch vs. Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 on March 27, 2021, and Jon Jones gets the winner, and Miocic title fights happen once a year or at most twice a year. So Lewis should be able to get the fight he wants, if Overeem is willing.

UG, what do you think of Lewis vs. Overeem? And will Overeem take it?

h/t Milan Ordoñez for BE

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Overeem should, it's his shortcut back to a title shot. Otherwise he should hang m up.

11 days ago
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yes please. 

11 days ago
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lamedroid -

Overeem should, it's his shortcut back to a title shot. Otherwise he should hang m up.

If the reem can close the distance and grapple with him.  Great. 


I love overeem, but hes got no chin against one of the hardest punchers in the sport. horrible matchup for him in that regard.  winner is forsure next in line.

10 days ago
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I think Overeem can win.  If he gets clipped he will sleep but I think he will clinch and die trying to drag the fight to the ground.  Lewis would be favored in this fight but he has everything to lose and not much to gain

10 days ago
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If not Reem, the loser of the title fight is perfect while the winner fights Jon.

10 days ago
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Reem chops Lewis' legs out from under him if he is smart. 

10 days ago
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Overeem or
The loser of Stipe/Francis or
Rozenstruik if he beats Gane

are all good fights for him! DONT want to see Lewis/Volkov 2!
10 days ago
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please no. unless they give Reem some time and let him turn back into Ubereem.

9 days ago
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the fight aint goin 5 rounds regardless

9 days ago
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he defentaly pretty funny but as a fan i hope Reem retires