Bouncer warns two guys repeatedly – they should have listened

2 men attack bouncer – bouncer decimates them

Sometimes the most unsuspecting individuals are the most dangerous ones. The bouncer featured in the following footage wasn’t some huge, muscular guy but he did have some boxing skills.

The footage opens up with a scene on the streets of Ireland, in front of a restaurant. Two men are arguing with the bouncer. They likely want to get in but the bouncer refuses to let them in. They seem very agitated and threatening, hence why the bouncer probably preferred denying them access to the restaurant.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the two men hits the bouncer with a right hand to the face; his friend says ‘F*** you, bitch!’ to the bouncer and pushes him. The situation is escalating very quickly. One of the two attackers throws a left hook but misses. His friend, probably galvanized by the gesture, tries to throw a punch but misses as well. The bouncer is now getting outright assaulted by the two men.

The situation the bouncer is in seems rough to say the least, but the man has one trick up his sleeve…

In fact, it turns out the bouncer has some pretty devastating boxing skills! He drops both of the attackers with lovely straight rights in a matter of moments! You can tell by his technique, balance, and body alignment that the bouncer is a legitimate boxer. The two attackers come back moments later; they’re now even angrier and try to assault the bouncer AGAIN.

This time the bouncer fires back with another straight right that knocks one of the attackers OUT COLD! The other attacker now hesitates to take on the bouncer. He spends the remainder of the video cursing at the bouncer and spitting on him, out of rage. This bouncer proved that Ireland indeed is the home of great boxers!

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