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Bouncer in Ireland is nice, until it's time to not be nice

Bouncer with boxing skills DESTROYS two attackers.
doorman, street fight

This article is a small piece of a large, ongoing effort by The MMA UnderGround to understand what really works in martial arts. The focus is not on what happens in the arena, but rather, what happens on the street. If you enjoyed it, check out more stories on:
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“I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice.”
-James Dalton, from the 1989 documentary Road House

This impromptu street fight happened on July 23, 2016, outside the Woolshed Baa & Grill, just off O’Connell Street, in Dublin, Ireland. It was a lovely afternoon, and while folks chat and get ready to have a nice meal, a couple of jerks in the background are having trouble getting entrance into this particular establishment. In the professional opinion of the doorman, he is not allowing them admittance. They soon get very agitated and begin to threaten the bouncer.

What Happened

Suddenly, with very little warning, the smaller of the two jerks tries to punch the doorman in the face. However, the bouncer has his arms partially outstretched, and is able to take most of the power off with an open hand. Simultaneously, the bigger of the jerks trying to gain entrance is circling around trying to set up a sucker punch. By the time he tries, and the second punch flies, the doorman is withdrawing to the doorway where no one can get behind him, and again, uses his outstretched arms to block a strike. The bouncer also calls for backup on his walkie-talkie.

The Little Jerk then has an actual fit, like a toddler whose Leggo was snatched away, He tries some form of kick and punch. He could have been inspired by The Karate Kid. Or he may have been shooing away imaginary bats.

The bouncer is in a largely bladed stance, and manages distance between himself and Big Jerk with a side kick. He moves back again to the relative safety of the doorway, as the two press forward.

Without warning the bouncer hops into the pocket and drops Little Jerk with a straight right. Then he repeats the process on Big Jerk.

"Game over," intones an onlooker, accurately, Unfortunately, the Jerks don't realize it.

Little Jerk retrieves his jacket while hurling insults. Big Jerk tries to get another shot in, and for his trouble eats a straight right that lands on the back of his head, putting his lights out. He lands facedown on the pavement, out.

Little Jerk then cements his A$$hole Hall of Fame nomination by spitting, twice. By now another doorman has shown up, and Team Jerk has zero interest in a fair fight.

Several men hoist Big Jerk up and drag him down the street.

End scene.


The Lesson

1. It can be truly useful in life to have one punch knockout power. Punching the back of the head lowers that bar.
2. Distance management and awareness of surroundings is critical.
3. Just because someone is wearing khakis and a buttoned-up shirt, doesn't mean they couldn't clean your clock. Sometimes the most unsuspecting individuals are the most dangerous ones. The bouncer, a trained boxer, featured in the footage wasn't some huge, muscular guy, but he surely got the job done handily.