WATCH: Restaurant doorman shows patience, then deals out a couple of street fight KOs to jerky drunks

doorman, street fight

Just because someone is wearing khaki’s and a buttoned-up shirt, doesn’t mean they couldn’t clean your clock. That’s exactly what we find out in the embedded video that takes place in front of a restaurant.

Sometimes the most unsuspecting individuals are the most dangerous ones. The doorman featured in the footage wasn’t some huge, muscular guy but he will quickly surprise you with his Francis Ngannou like overhand right.

Doorman hands out street fight KOs to jerky drunks

This impromptu street fight happens on what seems to be a lovely afternoon in Ireland. While folks chat and get ready to have a nice meal, a couple of jerks in the background are having trouble getting entrance into this particular establishment. However, in the professional opinion of the doorman, he is not allowing them admittance. They soon get very agitated and start to threaten the employee.

Then out of nowhere, one of the two jerks hits the doorman with a punch to the face. Team Jerk is excited about the cheap shot and things seem to be escalating very quickly. One of the two would-be attackers throws a left hook but misses. His friend, probably galvanized by the gesture, tries to throw a punch but misses as well. This poor working man is now getting outright assaulted by these two as he tries to call for backup on his walkie-talkie.

The doorman finally reaches his professional limit and decides it’s in the best interest of himself and the establishment to start serving up knuckle sandwiches. He gets into a fighting stance, and when one man comes forward with another attack, boom, jerk one goes down. The other jerk then gives it a try and is fist fed another sledgehammer that drops him as well.

The two attackers get up, dust themselves off and actually try to get some retribution from the boxing doorman with a fist full of a walkie-talkie. Wrong move as a member of Team Jerk, gets put to sleep with a nasty knockout right hand. The still conscious jerk now hesitates to take on the doorman pugilist. He spends the remainder of the video cursing and spitting — from a distance — in frustration.

Eventually, the sleeping man is picked up and Team Jerk walks off in defeat.

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