The REAL way end a fight in seconds without throwing a single punch

The REAL way end a fight in seconds without throwing a single punch

Fighting in the street is something that should be avoided at all costs. Despite how it looks in the movies, nothing good ever comes from fighting in the street. That’s why the most skilled martial artists know to never fight unless they have no other choice which is only in a self-defense type situation.

In this video from self-defense focused YouTube channel Fight SCIENCE, we find out how to end a fight in seconds without even throwing a single punch. So how can this be done you may be wondering? With a slam.

Slams can be a very brutal technique, especially on concrete, which is why techniques like this one should only be performed in an EXTREME self-defense situation where you literally have no other choice.

It’s important to point out that slamming someone on concrete as we see in this video can potentially cause permanent damage, even death, so that needs to be taken into consideration and respected.

Slams can be an effective and brutal technique but unless you have a lengthy background in either judo or wrestling it is unlikely that you’ll be able to perform a slam in a real-life situation, especially against someone larger than yourself.

After a successful slam, which according to Fight SCIENCE if performed correctly will disorient your attacker, you will have ample opportunity to escape unharmed which is always the main goal in any kind of self-defense situation.

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