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Fight back and use your high heels as a weapon

Let's take a look at this very pretty lady that is in a cardigan, a short skirt, and most importantly some high heels.

One of the main things that is taught in self-defense training is not the techniques, it is the act of being assertive and reacting. Confidence plays a huge part in getting out of terrible situations. It is key to quickly assess the situation around you and to quickly react before it is too late.

Obviously, this isn't the best technique video, and somewhat of a fetish video, but let's have fun with this.

Let's take a look at this very pretty lady that is in a cardigan, a short skirt, and most importantly some high heels. She shows assertiveness, aggressiveness, and the ability to use your high heels as a weapon. She is also a bit of a trash talker and a bully, but we can forget about that for now.

As a lifelong martial artist that has traveled the world looking for bit and pieces of techniques to create a well rounded Andrew, I take this with a grain of salt and look at things via technique and movement.

Here is a breakdown of the techniques she uses. Obviously, her technique isn't perfect here, but there is some merit to this, even though she does look like the attacker. Let's pretend that the man is the attacker here. Please wear a cup before practicing these techniques, not sure if this guy did.

Slap To The Face-w/ Groin Shot Follow-up
She uses a perfect right-hand slap to catch her attacker off guard. As she walks away, she hears some trash talk and comes back with a swift groin kick to send him to the ground

Shoulder Grab w/ Knee Strikes to Groin
With two hands on his shoulders, she drives her knee into the man's groin sending him to the ground. In a real life situation, this is when you would run and yell for help.

Roundhouse Kick to Groin
While being on the side of her opponent she uses a great round house kick to the groin. One advantage of wearing heels is that the bottom can be for sure weapon, but the toe of the shoe can aid in sending your attacker to the ground.

Seated Upward Groin Kick
An excellent technique when an attacker is standing over you. Many times when a person stands over someone they end up having their legs wide open. The groin is the best way to send a man down to ground as fast as possible. This can work well in a bar, sometimes patrons can get a little too aggressive and handy. It is better to react first than to react last. Assess the situation and be prepared to attack.

Mule Kick to Rear Attacker
This backward mule kick is sometimes one of the last resorts. You never want to let someone get too close to you, but if they are too close there are still ways to get out.

If the person is attacking your neck, be sure to defend all chokes by keeping your head down and fighting the hands. But as this woman is wearing heels, stomps to the foot are a great technique to create separation. Once there is enough separation, some swift kicks to the ground with the bottom of your heel could really do the job here.

Stomp to Grounded Opponent
This is a technique that is one to use when you cannot leave the situation and you need to make sure the attacker cannot get up for a while. When standing over your opponent, stomp on the groin of your opponent, Be careful of getting your legs grabbed from this position.

What did we learn from this video?

1. Heels can be an effective weapon.
2. Be assertive and aggressive.
3. Be vocal.
4. Groin strikes are extremely effective.
5. Weird fetish videos can also be great tutorials.

Look out for more technique and self-defense videos. Knowledge is power.