Girl, 8, fights off kidnapper with Kung-Fu technique

An 8-year-old girl used a Kung Fu technique to escape a kidnapping attempt at sometime before 4:00 a.m. on Sunday in El Cajon, California.

“I Cheetah Pawed him in the neck,” said the girl.

El Cajon police Lt. Rob Ransweiler reports that a man crawled through a first floor window, entered a bedroom shared by the girl and her 6-year-old brother, and tried to carry the girl away.

The girls mother, Janie Sue, told FOX 5 what happened next.

“Somebody came into her room, picked her up out of her bed, carried her down the stairs, got to the fourth stair before the end of the stairwell,” related the mother. “She applied pressure to his throat, using a technique that she had learned in Kung-Fu, and she said that he put her down and he ran one way down the stairs, and she ran up the stairs.

“She said that he came back to get her. She saw him walk back in the room. She saw it was a gentleman with jeans and a black t-shirt, and that his hair was fluffy. Her dad has a bald head, so she knew based on the hair and the gentleman’s smell – she did specifically say that he smelled like garbage – and was wearing a backpack with a lot of zippers on his back, and that once he saw her, that she was awake, he said ‘Dang, shoot’ and then ran back out.”

The reporter asked the mother about the self defense classes.

“We always hear about how this could save your life and protect you,” he said. “And for the most part we don’t have to use it …”

“Proof,” answered the mother. “Proof. Proof, that there could be a chance that you might need to.”

“She’s scared, but she’s also empowered. She’s learned some things, some tools, that are going to last a lifetime. So she’s OK.”

“I’m relieved that this is the story I get to tell – that she’s in my home, here and safe. My kids are supposed to be safe while they are sleeping.”

A window screen was removed from a nearby condo at around the same time, said police. The suspect is described as a tanned adult man between 5-feet, 8-inches to 5-feet, 10-inches tall, wearing dark clothing and a backpack with many zippers, with dark “fluffy” hair, and a thin build.

Anyone with information about the case should call the El Cajon Police Department at 619.579.3311.