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Aggressive yob gets clowned and slinks off after one well-placed punch

aggressive yob

It never gets old watching some wannabe tough guy being put in their place and slinking off like a cowering wimp.

That's exactly what happens in the embedded video below, as a man aggressively confronts another on the front doorstep of his home. The man looking for a violent altercation to ensue is what might be referred to in the United Kingdom as a "yob." Wikipedia defines this slang term as "a loutish, uncultured person."

Aggressive yob gets embarrassed with just one punch

[brid video="716552" player="25478" title="Marine%20Blackbelt%20%20%20%20v%20%20%20%20%20Thug" duration="115" description="A DAD seen flattening a yob in a clip sweeping the internet was yesterday unmasked as an ex-soldier - with TWO black belts…….Gulf War veteran Jason Smith…" uploaddate="2021-02-08 09:38:33" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

This particular yob is doing all he can -- without punching first -- to get his unsuspecting opponent to engage in a battle of fisticuffs. Getting in his face and jostling a nearby trash can around, as if messing with the man's garbage container would somehow throw him into a mad rage.

After a certain point, the up-close mean-mugging, trash-talking and garbage can abuse becomes too much to take after his local yob shoves him. Once that happens, the fight is on like donkey kong as both square up. The homeowner in the black shirt gets in a very traditional karate stance. He doesn't seem like the more in shape and agile of the two, but he certainly is ready to strike like a cobra. And he just does that when his foe closes in for an attack.

The strike floors the man immediately. As the homeowner makes a step toward the sleeveless shirt-wearing yob, the former tough guy crawls and slinks off in fear. Clearly, he got a taste of a knuckle sandwich that was too spicy for him. The man quickly removes himself from the property of his better and walks off embarrassed.

Chalk another one up for the good guys.