Gun expert vs. knife expert (unedited)

Knife Expert vs. Gun Expert (unedited) - Who has the faster weapon?
Knife Expert vs. Gun Expert (unedited) – Who has the faster weapon?

Self-defense against a weapon is perhaps one of the most popular topics in martial arts but it also one of the most dangerous.

But what happens when you take two of the most popular weapons of choice; the gun and the knife and pit them against each other.

On the surface, it may seem like a no-brainer that a person with a firearm will win this kind of scenario, but two self-defense instructors decided to really put this to the test.

In the following video self-defense expert, Doug Marcaida from Funker Tactical brings in firearms expert Instructor Zero to conduct some drills involving a knife versus a firearm.

Before they start the drills Instructor Zero makes a crucial point that his reactions will differ due to the fact that he already knows that Doug is threatening with a knife, and if it were in real life the element of surprise would be much greater thus awareness of your surroundings is a key to success.

They first start off the drill with Instructor Zero having his back turned, while Doug is roughly 10ft away. At random points, Doug runs toward Zero with his knife, while Zero has to quickly draw his pistol and shoot Doug before any harm comes to himself.

Initially, Doug has no problems closing the distance and reaching Zero with his knife,  due to the fact Zero has to first lift up his shirt where his weapon is concealed, draw it, aim it, and then fire.

With this in mind, Zero tries an alternative tactic to make up for the time to draw his weapon.

Find out how he resolves this problem below.

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