Man attacks dog then attacks Jiu-Jitsu BLACK BELT who tried to stop him

Man attacks dog – tries to continue the beating on Jiu-Jitsu black belt

Man, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sure does work well against douchebags.

Because yes, a man who assaults a man and his wife out of nowhere and beats his dog is definitely a douchebag by any rational standard.

Dennis Davidson is a BJJ black belt who trains at one of the best MMA camps in the world, American Top Team. In other words, he knows a thing or two about fighting.

Davidson was peacefully walking down the street with his wife when a homeless man tried to assault the latter. The BJJ black belt used his grappling skills in order to neutralize him while waiting for the police to come. Davidson took to Facebook to post a video of the incident and explained what happened: “I just choked a homeless guy out twice totally unconscious this is ridiculous. He went after my wife when his dog was scared and went to her. I had to take his dog who he was beating. filling out police report now #stoodmyground”.

On top of assaulting random people on the street, it turns out the homeless man was an animal beater as well.

The BJJ black belt posted the footage of the incident on Facebook with the following caption: “Well… here it is. some of it anyway. None of the beginning where he decided to go after my wife, and then me when I stepped in the way. Not the way I planned out my night. Thank you to the individual who took the video from his phone showing I was not aggressive. Never got 5 guys btw. #BeNiceToAnimals”. Davidson could have beat the attacker up pretty badly (the bystander who was filming the whole thing was urging him to not be that gentle on him) but instead was adamant about not hurting him.

Props to Dennis Davidson for standing his ground!

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