Master Wong shows how he would stop a takedown from a wrestler

With the advent of mixed martial arts in pop culture, the average person is becoming more and more educated about the different aspects of fighting beyond just boxing. Unfortunately, this also means the average street fighter has evolved their skill set and it’s becoming more commonplace to see someone in the street utilize kicks, takedowns, and even submissions into their attacks.

So what do you do?

In the following self-defense technique video, the always colorful Master Wong breaks down what to do when someone tries to take you down in a street fight after a flurry of punches.

Throughout the lesson you’ll learn the dangers of being taken down on concrete as opposed to a mat, maintaining proper distance as well as how to respond when your attacker is very deep on a takedown attempt.

Check out the tutorial below.

Master Wong originally came to England at the age of ten as a refugee from Vietnam. He first took up martial arts as a result of being bullied at school. Starting his training with a Chinese Master in the UK, Sifu Wong progressed quickly in skill and after 5 years traveled to Hong Kong and mainland China to study with a variety of Chinese masters in his early twenties.

Training in a wide variety of martial arts has given Sifu Wong a foundation and skill level rarely seen in the martial arts world. It also allows him to provide a highly comprehensive teaching program for a great many students with differing requirements. This eventually led to the opening of the Master Wong Academy at Charles Street in Ipswich, becoming one of only a handful of full-time training centers in the region. [source:]