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WATCH: MMA fighters stop armed robbery at hotel

"I think back now and wonder what the hell was I doing? I should of hit him and knocked him out."
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Two MMA fighters and BJJ competitors from Oregon arrived in Los Angeles for the 2011 No-Gi Mundials in Long Beach, California. They were able to stop the attack and hold the criminal until police arrived, all with no harm to anyone.

Brent Alvarez, 33, a black belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, owned the Twisted Web mixed martial arts studio in Eugene, Oregon; Billy Denney, 28, is one of his students. Both are members of The Underground.

The duo was getting off the elevator late on a Saturday night when they spotted the suspect forcing the motel clerk at gunpoint to empty the cash drawer.

"Gun! He robbed me!" yelled the clerk.

Alvarez saw a flash of a handgun before the perpetrator stuffed it into a bag, along with the money. Alvarez has over a decade of training in BJJ and extensive real-world experience defusing conflict as a bouncer.

The suspect did not seem intent on harm, and repeatedly said he was doing it for his daughter, at one point asking to be released so he could kiss her one last time.

"He wasn't trying to punch us," said Alvarez. "He just seemed like someone who had run out of options. I think back now and wonder what the hell was I doing? I should have hit him and knocked him out."

Instead, Alvarez secured a body lock and then a chokehold, and waited for police to arrive.

Police arrested Luis Rosales, 31, at the scene. A loaded 9-millimeter handgun and the cash from the cash register were found in Rosales' backpack.

Los Angeles police commended both Alvarez and Denny for their actions. So do we!

The CCTV footage lets you see the events as they unfold. It doesn't happen like a Steven Seagal movie, or a gun defense technique taught in the gym.

This is the reality of an armed robber being safely captured by a highly trained martial artist. Or two of them!

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