NYC cyclist forced to use Jiu-Jitsu against man and wife attackers

NYC cyclist uses Jiu-Jitsu against man and wife attackers

A cyclist’s knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu helped him come out on top in this traffic-stopping 2 vs. 1 street fight in New York City.

The incident reportedly took place at a set of traffic lights close to the Intrepid Museum in NYC, though it’s unclear why the altercation occurred in the first place.

As the footage begins the fight is already underway, with the cyclist wearing the blue shorts grappling on the sidewalk against another man in a yellow top, whose female companion is also getting in on the action.

Blue secures side control and starts to land a few punches to the head of Yellow while doing his best to avoid the woman who is trying to fend him off with slaps and punches to the face.

Blue clearly has a BJJ background and that enables him to pass to full mount, and he displays good control to remain on top even when he’s shoved by the woman at the same time as Yellow scrambles and attempts to put him on his back.

During the struggle, Blue loses a sneaker, which the lady hurls onto the road and then goes back to attacking him, just as he’s trying to unload with some ground and pound.

She’s more of a nuisance than a real threat, but her presence distracts Blue for a moment, as does a passer-by who’s also now trying to intervene, so he stands up from the mount, giving Yellow a chance to partially get up and drive for a double leg takedown.

Blue maintains his balance though and counters with a guillotine choke as the fight spills onto the road. Police sirens can be heard approaching now and Blue is able to subdue Yellow with the choke until they arrive, while still doing his best to protect himself from the woman’s continued attacks.

Blue lets go as the officers approach, but Yellow isn’t quite finished yet and launches a couple of punches at his adversary in full view of the officers, which focuses much of their attention on him as they try to bring the scene back under control.

It’s hard to say who was initially at fault here, but Blue’s knowledge of jiu-jitsu enabled him to take control of the ensuing fight, despite it being a two vs. one situation.

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