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Road rage incident ended by vicious head butt

Biker Headbutt

Surfing the internet for extreme sports and car videos is part of my job. Recently I stumbled across this video that really spoke to me. It seems that very often we read about drivers getting so angry that they run over or drive a motorcyclist off of the road. Here is another example of the road rage that is a major unaddressed issue in this country.

The video begins just like any other motorcycle GoPro video on the internet, with some motorcycle guys riding around with a camera strapped to their head having fun on their bikes. But a few seconds after the video begins, you see a white pickup truck come flying on the wrong side of the road attempting to hit these motorcycle riders. Where I come from this is the exact same thing as throwing a punch at someone, shooting a gun at someone, or spitting in someone's face. These bikers are extremely lucky that they did not get hit, as this would be a completely different type of article and video.

But right after the bike missed getting hit, they whip a u-turn to see who it was that almost hit them. Immediately you see a pickup truck screeching its tires in reverse with a hillbilly lady hanging out the window, cussing at this biker saying "yawl been coming past my house flying". Like that is any excuse to go try and run someone over.

Before the wife could even get her toothless words out of her mouth, her equally dental inefficient husband comes out of the truck saying "I've got kids in my mother-f*cking truck", and all this other southern slang-talk, that is completely irrelevant to what he just did.

As the argument is escalating the cameraman biker turns his head to show that he is not riding along and his friend is equally as pissed at this situation. This guy comes flying on in with one of the best and safest moves I've seen in a while. He comes helmet first right on in and headbutts this road-rager right to the ground.

The guy gets up and does nothing about his fast getting smashed. Assumedly he already has no teeth, so this is a non-issue for him. But is goes to show how people act super tough when driving and having road rage, but when is comes to actually throwing down, they won't.

They exchange words for a few seconds and the truck goes flying off. The video cuts for a second and it picks up the next day when they see the same white trash-filled truck and they go flying by and throw a glass bottle.

Now my first assessment of this video is that we live in a country that whatever walk of life you are in, people still tend to feel entitled to do things like this. Nobodies life is more important than another person's life. It lets me sleep at night knowing that this was caught on tape and that this guy got a mouthful of helmet paint for his troubles.

Please drive safe out there. Self-Defense is clearly something you need to be doing on and off the road. If you ride a bike, wear your helmet as you never know when you are going to need to use it. :)