Security guard vs. knife-wielding lunatic in Finland

Security guard vs knife-wielding lunatic In Finland

Facing off against a knife-wielding thug would be a nightmare situation for anyone, but this daring Finnish security guard refused to back down as he put his life on the line to bring this lunatic to justice.

The incident occurred in broad daylight in Ruoholahti, a district of Helsinki in Finland.

Reports suggest that the troublemaker had originally brandished a large knife at a nearby metro station, causing panic as he waved it threateningly at commuters.

The security guard pursued the man as he began walking through the populated streets during lunch hour, and the footage begins as he attempts to subdue him by using what appears to be pepper spray.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t deter the hooligan, who soon after approaches the guard with his knife drawn.  However, the guard bravely uses a front kick to keep him at bay, as a pedestrian close-by is seen running away in fear.

The troublemaker walks away at speed but then turns around to confront the guard again.  The guard takes a few paces backward and then aims a front kick at his head.  It misses but buys him a little more time.

The man with the knife is stalking him now, and so the guard aims another kick at his body and then reacts quickly when the thug turns his back in defense, grabbing him around the neck and roughly tripping him to the ground.

Before the lout has a chance to get back to his feet the guard pins him to the ground in side control.  He’s then able to isolate the arm with the knife as the ruffian rolls onto his front.  The video then cuts to a few moments later when a couple of bystanders have thankfully joined in to help hold down the man while the guard cuffs him.

According to the man who filmed the incident, when police arrived on the scene they discovered multiple weapons in the obviously mentally unstable man’s backpack and pockets.

The guard showed a great deal of courage here and brought the situation to a successful conclusion without anyone being hurt, which was the best-case scenario under the circumstances.

He was fortunate though, as knife attacks are very dangerous, unpredictable, and notoriously hard to defend against.  There is no technique that’s 100% effective in this scenario, one-on-one against someone with a knife, at close quarters, but with civilians’ lives at risk, this heroic guard was able to improvise under pressure and save the day.

Chillingly, during the writing of this article, a news story broke regarding a knife attack at a metro station in Munich, Germany that’s sadly left one person dead and several others injured, which graphically illustrates how a situation like this could have spiraled out of control if the guard hadn’t intervened when he did.

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