Man shows incredible restraint and skill against knife-wielding attacker

Man shows incredible restraint and skill against knife-wielding attacker

In today’s day and age, the risks of severe danger and injury during a confrontation on the street are far greater than it was for our parents’ generation or for that matter even five to ten years ago.

Long gone are the days where a good ol’ fashion bout of fisticuffs included nothing more than 30-60 seconds of action and the general extent of the injuries were merely a bloody nose, black eye, fat lip, and the embarrassment of not feeling confident in asking that good looking girl in your history class to the prom.

The 21st century has seen an explosion of violent crimes erupt like Mt. St. Helens in the 80s and it seems that these days any altercation has the potential to turn deadly.

In this video, we see a man put into action what martial arts advocates have been debating over for years: is gun and knife defense practical, useful, and even intelligent? Personally, my martial arts instructor, who is a certified sixth-degree black belt in TKD and a two-time world champion kickboxer, taught me this when it comes to defending yourself against a knife or gun-wielding adversary: “hand them your wallet and run as fast as you can.”

The dangers of engaging an adversary who has a weapon are vast and the risk of injury is increased greatly so needless to say, I DO NOT advocate or advise that anyone engage in an activity such as the man seen in this video…however; it does provide for great entertainment and gives the viewer a sense that things in the world are alright and justice has been served!

Jacob C. Stevens is a lifelong athlete and cerebral martial arts enthusiast who is also skilled in the art of linguistic manipulation, his published work, Afterthoughts and Handgrenades, can be found here.

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