Russian Systema expert shows incredibly simple way to deal with multiple attackers

Russian systema expert shows simple way to deal with multiple attackers

Fighting multiple attackers is a dire situation for even the most seasoned martial artist. They make it look easy in the movies but in real life, it’s a completely different ballgame. Fighting just one person in the street who wishes to harm you is terrifying enough for most people. When multiple assailants are coming at you most people will probably just freeze up and not know what to do.

In this YouTube video, Russian Systema expert Val Riazanov demonstrates how to deal with that exact scenario and maximize your chance of survival. What I like about Val’s strategy is that there is nothing fancy or over the top like many other experts with multiple different black belts would have you believe. It is all about proper movement and positioning yourself in a way so that you are only fighting one guy at a time.

Instead of moving straight backward, Val explains you should move off to the side on an angle and deal with the guy on the corner first to prevent yourself from getting swarmed. Like many other Systema techniques, this is a very logical and systematic (where the name ‘Systema’ comes from) approach to a very dangerous scenario.

It is also very simple so that anybody can do it as well as remember what to do in a very stressful situation when adrenaline is surging.

“Val Riazanov — Master of Systema Russian Martial Arts Val Riazanov has taken all of his combined Real Life experience along with his extensive training and has produced Ballistic Striking and Advanced Ballistic Striking! In 1987, Val joined the army as part of his compulsory military service, and after initial training was selected to join Russia’s Special Forces and later the KGB Special Operation Unit, where he was involved in numerous covert operations. Eventually, Val became a KGB trainer, training soldiers in hand to hand combat Sambo.” [Source:  YouTube]