Top 10 self-defense gadgets that could save your life

Top 10 self-defense gadgets that could save your life

Self-defense weapons and gadgets are great to have but it is important to know when to use them and when not to.

It is important to point out that while many of these types of items could very well work, they are still no match for a real knife or a gun so they have to be used with caution and with smarts.

Another problem that could arise with some of these weapons is quite a few look like real guns. Now, while a more intimidating looking gadget could maybe come in handy in some situations, in others it could raise the stakes so to speak and has the potential to get you into some trouble.

Some of these other self-defense gadgets on the market like the ‘disorienting flashlight’ type or the loud alarm ones don’t really seem like the best strategy especially when your life is in danger.

During a real-life self-defense situation, pressing a button that produces loud noise could maybe help to alarm others nearby (if there is anyone), but the main goal should always be to defend yourself and get away, so, to rely on something like that seems kind of foolish.

Pepper spray and tasers/stun guns, for instance, are probably the best of them all and the most tried and true items but there are some other new ones on the market that are pretty cool too like we see in the video below.

Ideally, though, having a background in martial arts and self-defense training will serve you much more than these gadgets will. Martial arts training also offers many other benefits besides just self-defense too like getting in great shape plus many other benefits that these gadgets do not offer.

For older people, though, or people who are more vulnerable and aren’t able to train in martial arts or don’t have the time/resources to train for whatever reason, these type of self-defense gadgets could definitely do the job.

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