When you try to stab a knife expert…

What happens when you try to stab a knife expert at FULL force with NO warning? Let’s find out…

Realism is very important when it comes to martial arts and self-defense training but when it comes to defense against knives and guns it is nearly impossible to replicate what it’s really like in that kind of situation.

In this video from YouTube channel ‘Funker Tactical,’ we see a pretty good example though of realistic training against a knife-wielding opponent, demonstrated by a former United States Marine and Law Enforcement Officer, Sal Mascoli.

Even the knife they are using here appears to be quite realistic as it is a metal training knife. Though it is not going to be sharp like a real knife, you still are going to feel it much more especially when compared to the rubber knives that many martial arts/self-defense schools utilize.

Another interesting aspect of this training video is that at some random point during the video, the knife-wielding subject is going to attack the Officer with ‘full intent and energy.’

Most of the time in this kind of self-defense training, you practice the techniques when you know the attack is coming. The kind of randomness in this video is a great way to counter that and replicate what it’s like in real life as there probably won’t be a warning.

They also go over 20 no-nonsense life-saving lessons regarding knife defense that everyone should know.

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