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MMA fighter lands Chuck Liddell style back-peddling KO on security guard

12 bouncers take on an MMA fighter in a casino lobby
12 bouncers vs. one MMA fighter in wild casino brawl

12 bouncers vs. one MMA fighter in wild casino brawl

In a moment that channeled UFC great Chuck Liddell and his memorable knockout of Renato "Babalu" Sobral, an MMA fighter was able to knock out a chasing security guard while on the run.

Liddell's memorable 2006 win over Sobral was another moment in the growing legend of "The Iceman." The MMA world was already well aware of the thunder in his hands by the time the UFC reached its sixty-second event. However, few realized that he could still send opponents crashing to the mat from punches while back-peddling from a high-pressure attack.

In badly stunning the Brazilian off his back foot, and eventually finishing him in their light heavyweight title fight, the world found out that if you have power in your fists, it can be a threat in any position.

MMA fighter shows off Chuck Liddell KO shot in casino brawl

Well, a casino customer in the embedded video below showed that uncanny power shots on the run aren't a skill just for UFC stars.

In the footage, we quickly drop in on a sizable individual who seems to have gotten on the bad side of officials at a casino. As they look to escort him off the premises, things get hairy real quick, and what looks to be upwards of 10 security guards give chase on him. He ends up being cornered in an entranceway and decides to make his stand.

As one guard closes in, the likely trained MMA fighter quickly stops his back-peddling, plants, and deals out a Liddell-like hammer on the guard. Flooring him instantly.

[brid video="745525" player="25478" title="12%20bouncers%20vs.%20one%20MMA%20fighter%20in%20wild%20casino%20brawl" duration="59" description="Hany Sbat, who earlier booked a room at the Crown Metropol Hotel, turned hostile towards several guards and repeatedly encroached on their personal space in an aggressive and antagonistic manner." uploaddate="2021-03-24 02:30:04" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

Eventually, the gang of guards is able to wrangle the man, but before the video ends we see the victim of fistic thunder is still lying on the floor trying to figure out what the heck just happened to him.

Obviously, the man is pretty beefy and looks to have the power to do some serious damage. However, having power and knowing how to use it despite being in a disadvantageous position is a whole different matter. And this fellow knew how to deal out destruction in spite of his precarious position.