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Guy throws lit cigarette at woman, gets beatdown in a one-sided street fight

Bullies throw lit cigarette into girl’s hair – boxer boyfriend decimates them
streetfight, beatdown

Word to the wise, if you're looking for a street fight, you better be able to win it or be prepared for the beatdown ramifications.

In the video embedded below, we see two men posted up on a wall and as they look to be smoking. Let's call them Beavis and Butthead. A couple walks by these two tough guys on what seems like a nice stroll through a not very nice part of town. In a moment of epic jerkiness, Beavis decides to take his cig and flick it at the couple. Seemingly hitting the woman in the head.

Guy gets well deserved streetfight beatdown after throwing lit cigarette at couple

[brid video="714229" player="25478" title="Troublemakers%20throw%20lit%20cigarette%20into%20girls%20hair%20%20boxer%20boyfriend%20decimates%20them" duration="37" description="The footage below shows two hooligans getting more than they bargained for after one of them throws what appears to be the end of his lit cigarette into the hair of a girl as she walks by them with her boyfriend in a well-lit underpass." uploaddate="2021-02-04 09:16:32" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

The woman's beau turns around in annoyance. However, it seems like his lady friend would prefer they turn the other cheek and walk away. Yet, it isn't enough to make the man leave. More than likely Beavis and/or Butthead tough talked and taunted when this fellow was bothered by their rude display.

The man and Beavis get face-to-face, and it looks like a throwdown might ensue. That didn't happen, as the knight in shining armor dropped a Francis Ngannou-like hammer of a punch on Beavis and put him out cold. Butthead jumps in to try and defend his dufus friend's honor. However, he gets manhandled like his pal, pushed to the ground with ease, and gets what looks like a Nick Diaz-style Stockton-slap for his poor decision.

Knowing what's good for him, he takes the slap and prefers not to push his luck any further as the man and his woman storm off in furious victory.

The footage is a wonderful piece of "he had it coming" in grand fashion.