Army soldier settles beef with MMA fighter at work

Army reservist and MMA fighter settle beef during lunch break

When one thinks about the United States military a lot of images are conjured up.  For one, we generally think of a large bald-headed man in camouflage pants who happens to be in a bad mood and is in no way, shape, or form able to construct a halfway intelligent sentence.  This is simply the reality of the stereotype of the United States military.

However; the gentleman in the video below defies all stereotypes and is not your a-typical military American serviceman…he actually knows how to fight and to prove it he puts his skills to the test against an American mixed martial artist.

There is a very popular idea held in America that a lot of people are not aware of and that is the idea that if you run your mouth you better be able to prove it as well as back it up and if you can’t then you will get dealt with.  In the video below we see exactly that.  Apparently, someone proceeded to run their mouth but did not quite know what they were getting into.

A man, who claims to be a mixed martial artist proceeds to run off at the mouth and proclaims to be a fighter.  Well, it just so happens that the gentleman whom he is talking to is not only a former Army Ranger but a fighter as well.

The gentlemen in the video above proceed to “put the gloves on”, quite literally, and it is clear to see what happens when a man with a bit of training under his belt is confronted with your average, run of the mill street fighter.

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