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Bouncer hands out MMA choke 2-piece to a couple of fighting drunks

Did this bouncer step over the line using his MMA skills?
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A bouncer at a nightclub showcased some pretty sick MMA choke skills in putting a couple of unruly drunks to sleep.

Bouncing is a tough job, there is no doubt about it. You are dealing with drunk and rowdy people constantly. It can wear you down really fast. There is always the threat of potential violence looming on the horizon on any given night and it is your job to extinguish that threat and deal with troublemakers that are out to cause harm.

MMA training or even just straight Brazilian jiu-jitsu training goes a long way in that line of work and in my opinion, should be a mandatory prerequisite. In the below video, you can really see how effective that kind of training is in those kinds of intense, violent situations.

Bouncer shows nasty MMA choke game in dealing with a couple drunks

[brid video="741213" player="25478" title="MMAtrained%20bouncer%20takes%20out%20two%20guys%20effortlessly%20%20but%20did%20he%20cross%20the%20line" duration="79" description="Bouncing is a tough job, there is no doubt about it. You are dealing with drunk, unruly people constantly and it can wear you down really fast. " uploaddate="2021-03-16 05:14:24" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

The video starts out and you see one guy on top of another as he lands some solid ground-and-pound with no referee like UFC veteran Herb Dean to jump in and call a stop to the action. Fortunately, he's not doing a ton of damage at first and clearly has no real MMA training, but there is always the potential for serious harm or injury in any kind of unsanctioned street fight.

Then a bouncer shows up and it seems like the violence will end. However, when this guy arrives on the scene he seems reluctant to go hands-on and stands by while the fight starts to get ugly. That's when the real gangsta of the bouncer team shows up saves the day by gently putting the aggressor out in seconds with a rear-naked choke.

The guy who was on the losing end doesn't know when to cut his losses though and cowardly attacks his unconscious foe, to which the MMA-trained bouncer is forced to get involved once again and deals out a slice of sleep time pie to the second man.

This as the folks recording the footage yell out "world-star ya'll" to add a level of fight commentary we never knew that we needed.

Suffice to say, some solid BJJ skills is a useful tool in all sorts of situations. Especially, when trying to subdue the unruly and sloshes types.