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Bouncer: World champion kickboxer handles loudmouth PERFECTLY

Bouncer: "Pay attention. 1. My mom is too old for you. 2. You can't f@$% me, because ... I am a hetero."
Bouncer (world champion kickboxer) deals with loudmouth properly

Bouncer (world champion kickboxer) deals with loudmouth properly

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A drunk punk trying to get into a nightclub in Berlin, Germany was met by a bouncer. This happens in every city in the world, every night of the year. But this time the doorman was a bodyguard to the rich and famous, and multiple-time professional and amateur world kickboxing champion Michael Kuhr. In a beautiful display of the art of fighting without fighting, Kuhr scores a win for humanity.

What makes this video great, by the numbers:
1. Loudmouth drunk punk? Yep!
2. Highly trained martial artist? Yep!
3. Justice? Yep!
4. Elevation of drunk punk into A-hole Hall of Fall? YEP!

Drunk Punk: WHAT! HEY! Let me into the club! What's up son of a b!^$#? Don't touch me son of a b!^$#! Shut up! Do you want to kid me?

Michael Kuhr: Let us talk boldly like men do.

DP: WHAT 'Like men do??!? SISSY!

At this point, Kuhr adroitly moves DP outside, where there will be no harm to bystanders if violence breaks out, and uses dry humor to bring down the level of aggression.

MK: Who? Do you mean me?

DP: I will F@$% your mother!

MK: Pay attention:
1. My mom is too old for you.
2. You can't f@$% me, because ... I am a hetero!

DP: I will f@$% you!

MK: It isn't possible! I am not gay. And listen ... I know you from somewhere.

DP: What, you are knowing me?!? From where do you know me?!?

MK: I know your face. I think I know your brother.

DP: Which brother?!? What for a brother?

MK: You made trouble here already before.

DP: I never made stress in my whole life. What! I? What!

MK: Your brother is named Rami, isn't he?

DP: (Puffed up anger disappears) From where do you know my brother? Yes, my brother is named Rami. But it hasn't to be this Rami.

MK: I have got his cell phone number .. and I can call him. What do you think your brother will do with you? Do you know who I am?

DP: Who are you?

MK: I trained your brother!

DP: Who are you?

MK: Why do you misbehave? You won't get into a single club with your misbehaving.

DP: Who are you?

MK: I am Michael Kuhr.

DP: You are Michael Kuhr??? ***Quietly*** Do you really want to call my brother now?

MK: Yes. I will call him right now.

DP: But you really don't have to call my brother now.

MK: Okay, but with your behavior, you won't get into a single club in all of Berlin. You have to behave!

DP: But that's no reason to call my brother right now!

MK: If I call your brother, he will probably kick your ass properly.

DP: Please don't overreact. It's okay now. Don't, please.

MK: You can apologize and I won't call your brother.

DP: Okay! Okay!

MK: But never again, it's bulls$#!^

DP: Okay! Okay!

Drunk punk slinks off into the dark ... and enters the Internet A$$#@&# Hall of Fame, eternally.