Geek politely subdues man for assaulting a female until he starts resisting…

Geek politely subdues man for assaulting a female until he starts resisting...
Geek politely subdues man for assaulting a female until he starts resisting…

In the video, sent to us by the man who taped it, a BJJ trained fighter (Devin) uses his skill to subdue a man that had been harassing a woman. The man was walking home with friends after a night of drinking when they came across the domestic situation. Prior to where the video picks up, Devin confronted the man who eventually threw the first punch, and the fight ensued. Devin was able to take him down and mount him, which is where the video picks up.

He pins the man to the ground as the crowd watches, but you can tell Devin is calm through the entire situation. As the man argues, Devin never loses the mount. Then the man makes a terrible mistake and throws a punch upward against Devin. As anybody who has trained knows, striking upwards against an opponent when mounted is a terrible idea. Up until that point, Devin had not thrown a strike against the man but then started to fight back and rain down punches, which caused his opponent to simply cover-up.

Once the man stops fighting back, Devin smartly stops punching him. There is a fine line between defending yourself and assaulting another person. Devin begins to verbally admonish the guy for his decision. Devin offers to let the man up if someone is willing to restrain him.

The man continues to struggle as Devin attempts to calm him down. The man continues to deny doing any wrong that would warrant the situation he found himself in. The man eventually turns his back to Devin, which of course was not a smart idea. Devin eventually lets the man up.

You would think he would have learned his lesson. That however was not the case and continues to argue and yet another physical altercation begins. Devin again is able to quickly take the fight to the ground. He strikes the man, but just enough to prove a point and try to calm him down. Again the man continues to struggle and Devin sinks another rear-naked choke, this time choking the man almost unconscious as he motions to tap out.

The man finally makes the right decision and decides to walk away.

Later in the night, Devin recalled the whole story to his friend on video.

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