Guy who ‘trains UFC’ gets into crazy fight at Grand Central Station in NYC

Guy who ‘trains UFC’ gets into crazy fight at Grand Central Station

Fighting in the street is something that should be avoided at all costs, PERIOD! Even among elite-level MMA fighters, the vast majority will avoid an unsanctioned street fight at all costs because they know the risk is never worth it.

There are just so many things that can go wrong when you willfully enter into a street fight. You are literally gambling with your life and your health and for what reward? There is none.

In this video, we see someone who allegedly ‘trains UFC bro’ get into a street fight but judging by his skill set and the fact that he declares he ‘trains UFC’ at all makes it very unlikely he has any training at all.

As previously stated, it is always wrong to fight in the street but what allegedly preceded this conflict was that the taller, black man continuously taunted the long-haired guy and the long-haired guy tried to walk away, initially.

Eventually, he had enough though and it comes to blows and in the video below we see what happens.

The long-haired guy who ‘trains UFC’ initially knocks him out with a solid right hand that fells the taller man. Though it was clearly the wrong thing to do, at least he didn’t stomp him or continue to beat him while he was down which is so often the case in many street fights, unfortunately.

The taller, black guy obviously doesn’t know when to quit though and after he gets up he decides to further pursue the guy who knocked him out with a single punch.

Nothing really dramatic happens in the second round but we do find out a couple of things. For one, the long-haired guy’s lack of grappling ability leads us to believe that he probably has never done any sort of legitimate MMA training in his life.

What we also find out towards the end of the video is what happens when you fight in the streets. Eventually, the police get there and BOTH men are taken away in cuffs. Though the long-haired guy didn’t start the conflict, he still engaged which is always wrong unless it’s clear self-defense.

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