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Best move to get an INSTANT KO from Muay Thai champion

Muay Thai champion shows how to score an INSTANT KO in a street fight
Best move to get an INSTANT KO from Muay Thai champion

Best move to get an INSTANT KO from Muay Thai champion

Fighting in an unsanctioned street fight is something that should be avoided at all costs - PERIOD! Just about every MMA fighter and martial arts practitioner knows that you should only ever fight inside of the gym or in competition, under most circumstances.

The one, very rare occasion where you could be fighting outside of training/competition is during a self-defense situation when you have no other options available. In that situation, the advice here in this video from a Muay Thai champion could possibly be of some benefit.

Like Mike Zhang, the former North American Muay Thai champion, initially points out in this video, the first thing you focus on in a street scenario is avoiding the situation altogether. Mike makes a very good point in saying that you don't know what's going to happen in a street fight. Your opponent could have friends jump in or could even pull out a weapon. There are just too many variables that could come up which is why you should avoid it altogether.

However, as previously stated, if you have no other options available in a street or self-defense situation, it is imperative that you end it at once so you can get out of there and escape to safety. That's where Muay Thai champion Mike Zhang's advice in the video below on how to score an 'instant KO' can come in handy.

Unlike most traditional martial arts and self-defense systems out there, in Muay Thai, you learn how to defeat a real-life opponent who is trying to defeat you as well. Although many people out there may not think of Muay Thai as being a martial art to be used in self-defense, in reality, it is probably one of the most effective styles of self-defense, along with BJJ and MMA.


So check out the above video to find out how to score an instant KO in a street fight, when you have no other options available.

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