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A little boxing skill goes a long way

Mean mugging thug gets embarrassed in a street fight by his victim with boxing skills.
A little boxing skill goes a long way

A little boxing skill goes a long way

If you ever want to start a fight, you better be bringing more than words and a mean mug to the table. Sometimes tough and grit aren’t enough to get you out of a street fight. Even if you aren’t a pro mixed martial artist, have wrestling or Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills, at least have decent boxing skills. Almost all fights start standing up. If you have good hands, it usually goes a long way in beating up a thug.

We found a video of two fairly young adult men getting in a confrontation. One with a white shirt and one wearing a black hooded jacket. We don’t know the exact cause of the confrontation, but as you can see, the one in the white shirt gets provoked enough to start the fight. The two square off and off the bat the one in the white shirt shoved his hand towards the other’s neck.

The two fall over, but as they get back up the one in the white shirt starts to chase the other towards a car where both start to stumble around and fall. But once they're finally squared up, the hands start to fly.

Boxing skills embarasses street thug

By the car, the two square off. The one in the white shirt is in a right-handed stance and lands a jab perfectly to the other person’s face. The other person tried to counter with an overhand right but misses as the one in white leans back to avoid it. But as soon as he leans back he quickly counters with a one-two that both land perfectly.

Throughout the short street fight, the one in white displays actual boxing skills rather than mindless haymakers. As they continue to fight, he lands more and more counters. He even angles off and lands multiple hooks against the hooded thug. In the end, the one in black is completely embarrassed.

Clyde Erwin Barretto is an emphatic obsessed fan of mixed martial arts, combat sports and body movement. Follow him on Twitter @ClydeBarretto.

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