Guy picks fight with martial arts trained bouncer – gets sent to a distant planet

Guy picks fight with martial arts trained bouncer – gets sent to distant planet

Bouncing at a bar or nightclub is a tough job, to say the least. There is quite a lot of risk involved for often not the greatest pay.

Since alcohol tends to make people more aggressive and confrontational as well as impair decision making, a martial arts background is essential if you want to keep safe on the job.

The bouncer in this YouTube video looks like he does, in fact, possess a martial arts background as he is able to defend himself with ease as well as end the confrontation in quite brutal fashion.

It is unclear what initially led to this dispute as it is already at a boiling point when the video begins. Perhaps this patron was kicked out and didn’t like it but it is clear in the video he is walking towards the bouncer in an aggressive manner.

The bouncer, realizing a fight is about to take place, is proactive in his approach and throws the first strike – a leg kick. This opening technique means he probably has an MMA background of some sort. Also, it is a much ‘nicer’ technique than a straight right hand. But the way the rest of the fight unfolds, being ‘nice’ is probably not a concern of his.

Now, was the bouncer right to throw the first strike? That’s tough to say as to when someone is walking towards you in an aggressive manner in that line of work, who knows what they will do?

Regardless, after the initial leg kick the bouncer looks to grab a hold of this guy in the clinch which is another indication of previous fight experience. He lands a couple knees before going for a guillotine choke but the guy struggles out of it.

The bouncer then picks the guy up and slams him down hard on the pavement quite brutally, knocking him out and ending his night.