Masked men show up to Muay Thai school with bats and force instructor to fight

It’s not always the case, but generally, if a man owns a Muay Thai gym he probably knows how to fight. Muay Thai is not a martial art for pus*ies.

In this video, an alleged gang leader has challenged the owner of Muay Thai gym to fight. The two fight with just hand-wraps in the gym as a group of men watch.

Paulo Balicha is a guy that likes to act on impulse! Balicha is the ex-trainer of Shemsi Beqiri, he is a very serious guy indeed. Especially when he decides to raid a gym with around 20 masked men each carrying their own baseball bat…

Paulo Balicha turned up at the Reinach Superpro Sportcenter Beqiri’s gym with one thing on his mind.. a bare-knuckle fight with the owner Beqiri.

Beqiri told his fighters in the gym to get back and stay out of it. Then both men went at it, in a full out fight with only wraps on their hands.

The two guys fought for several minutes in a violent battle. Balicha took Bequiri down a few times but Bequiri managed to get back to his feet each time. The whole time in this most bizarre incident, the masked men were cheering and shouting instructions like cornermen at a world title fight.

About Shemsi Beqiri

Shemsi Beqiri (born May 3, 1986) is an Albanian-Swiss kickboxer who competes in the middleweight division. Born in Yugoslavia, Beqiri relocated to Switzerland as a child and started practicing kickboxing and Muay Thai at sixteen years old. He began his career fighting as a lightweight and welterweight before eventually moving up to middleweight, winning a host of national, European and world titles at the various weight classes to establish himself as a veteran in the sport at a young age. Source: