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Old man drops FIVE thugs in seconds

Old man drops five thugs in seconds in Russian viral video
Old man drops FIVE thugs in seconds

Old man drops FIVE thugs in seconds

Viral CCTV video from Russia shows a white-haired retiree knocking out five thugs in seconds.

As the video opens, a large youth hits another in the head with an overhand right, dropping him. He then rips him off the floor, shoves him against a wall, and throws him to the ground.

An individual tries to intervene but is roughly shoved back, and the aggression continues towards the victim, who is now attempting to defend himself on the ground.

Suddenly a smaller, white-haired man comes into view. He walks forward and looks down at what is happening on the ground.

One of the attacker's group blocks the man, trying to grab him by the neck. That was the first thug to get dropped.

The attacker on the ground gets a little attitude adjustment, as the old man breaks it up on the floor.

Everyone returns to standing, but the aggression continues from standing. The old man is trying to break up the situation.

When that fails, the aggressor gets dropped with a body shot. And then it happens.

In the entire world of street altercations, there is nothing quite like it. - four of the group get dropped in a span of just seconds.

As the four lies on the ground trying to remember their own names, the old man casually puts his hands in his pockets, and strolls in an arc, and eventually off camera.

The original group of attackers, most of them, slowly rise to stand, as one apparently still takes a nap.

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