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Guy picks fight with MMA-trained bouncer - gets sent to distant planet, by our planet

Guy picks a fight with an MMA-trained British bouncer - very DUMB idea.

This article is part of a larger effort by The MMA UnderGround at The aim is to understand what martial arts methods work best, not by looking at bouts in the arena, but by looking at what happens outside the arena, on the streets. If you enjoyed it, check out more stories on:
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If you can't hold your liquor, don't drink.

The incident below took place at Idols nightclub in Newcastle, England, at about 1:00 in the morning. A Newcastle University student, Luke Taylor, recorded the incident on his phone, with the caption, "Biggest KO I've ever seen."

Despite being in college, Taylor, unfortunately, shot the video in portrait, rather than landscape, proving once again that college typically doesn't provide sufficient practical skills. He also reportedly filmed the action with a potato, so apologies for that.

Guy picks fight with martial arts trained bouncer - gets sent to distant planet

Guy picks fight with MMA bouncer - gets sent to distant planet

Breakdown of What Happened

A patron squares up with the bouncer, light heavyweight MMA fighter Lewis Barrow. The doorman, a trained fighter, knows intimately the importance of Distance Management; he knows he is relatively safe from damage on the outside, or the inside, but not in The Pocket. The bouncer makes distance, and then suddenly calf kicks the belligerent, and attempts to close the distance, rather than follow through with strikes.

As the bouncer is trying to control the aggressor, three punches are thrown at him, and after the third, he responds with a single knee to the body. The bouncer again could have continued to strike, but instead tries to use minimal force, trying a front headlock, a clinch, and a back body lock. All this is harder than it looks when someone is going crazy and trying to strike.

Oddly, another man with a security badge is present, but does nothing to help his fellow doorman; perhaps this was by agreement. Eventually, the apparently frustrated doorman demonstrated an alternate understanding of the meaning of the word bouncer. He underhooks a leg from the back, elevates the belligerent, and then hits him with the planet Earth.

The unruly patron doesn't so much bounce as, well, think of an egg being dropped on the kitchen floor There is a scene in the documentary The Foot Fist Way where an older, female student named Marge is kayoed after trying a distracting backfist, and sah bum nim Fred Simmons, asks, "She still alive?"

After watching the slam, you may have a similar reaction - "Is he still alive?"


The Aftermath

Luke Taylor who filmed the incident wrote, "He was fine afterwards, got up and walked off."

Northumbria Police initially treated the incident as an assault, and appealed for witnesses and the victim to come forward.

"This was a serious incident of violence which will not be tolerated by Northumbria Police," said City Centre Neighbourhood Inspector Caroline Ord. "So far we have not yet heard from the man who was assaulted and would appeal for him to make contact with us so we can check on his welfare."

The Idols bouncer was spoken to by the police but later released without charges. The doorman was barred from working at Idols, and faced disciplinary action from Phoenix Security, the contracting door company.

There is a baseball bat, a cricket bat everywhere, if only you know how to swing it - it's called the ground. The power of a punch is widely understood, but what is appreciated far less is the power of the slam, of hitting someone with the planet Earth.  Even on a mat, a slam can stun or knockout. On pavement, it could potentially kill. 

This webpage is not an attempt to glorify what happens on the street, but rather to learn from it. Don't forget, there is a shillelagh everywhere, and it's called the planet Earth. 

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