Man tries to rob pro-MMA fighter in a parking lot – does NOT go as planned

Man tries to rob pro MMA fighter in a parking lot – does NOT go as planned

Stealing is one of the vilest deeds one could commit, and yet, everyday thieves and robbers do such things out in the open. I think we could all agree on the fact that being a thief is a pretty lame thing, though most people would differ about how to deal with a thief.

If you’ve hung out long enough on the interwebs chances are you’ve stumbled upon videos featuring thieves getting beat up. If not, I’m going to just tell you that: usually, thieves have it much, much worse than the man in the following footage. Some websites are filled with thieves and robbers getting lynched on the street. Sometimes it goes even further.

The following alleged robber didn’t get lynched but well, let’s just say it’s unlikely he’ll try to rob someone else anytime soon. In fact, that man decided to rob… an MMA fighter. Yep.

But hey, you never know who you’re going to stumble upon, after all. Well, too bad for that would-be robber because the man he was trying to steal from was an MMA fighter with pretty legit skills.

The footage starts with both men on the ground. The MMA fighter is in side control, unleashing ground and pound. He then goes for an Americana and warns the robber that he could break his arm at any moment. The robber, dumbfounded, is feeling like a fish out of the water and is unable to get out of the position. The MMA fighter lets him up…

… and lands a vicious leg kick! Yikes. The robber leaves the scene; he’s done and likely won’t try to rob someone else after having endured such a thorough beating. That’s the danger of trying to rob someone in the street, folks. You never know what you’re getting into, and there are people you do NOT want to mess with!

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