WATCH: High school girl smashes bully Khabib Nurmagomedov-style

Guy picks on girl, did NOT know she had six years training

A high school bully found out the hard way that he picked on the female Khabib Nurmagomedov of his school.

People used to argue about what martial art worked best, and then the sport of mixed martial arts was invented. Now the only people who argue about it don’t actually participate in combat sports. There is a new argument, about whether a trained female can defeat a male of the same size or larger.

Appropriately, inter-sex MMA bouts are exceedingly rare, however, occasionally there is a non-regulated fight where a trained female fights with a presumably untrained male. Like in the video below.

High school girl makes Khabib Nurmagomedov proud by smashing hapless bully

The boy in the footage is a freshman at California’s Sonoma Valley High School. He had been bullying his female opponent online. The girl, also a freshman, attends Creekside High School. An alternative school on the campus.

She confronted her harasser about the posted messages, and he doused her with water. In response, she deftly takes him down with a body lock. She then moves towards his back but immediately realizes she will not be able to rise in time and move to secure a grip from the front.

The male rises off the floor, and as he does, she maintains a grip on the head and lands a knee. As the male collapses to the floor, she darts off knowing that a reckoning from school officials is likely on the way. At the moment the piercing sound of a teacher or administrator’s voice can be heard yelling, “WHO IS THAT GIRL??!?”

The official’s reaction, however, illustrates a common problem with defending yourself. If you successfully use martial arts skills to defend yourself, the authorities can blame you. Ironically, if the girl had been untrained, and the boy had knocked her to the ground the school official would not have been shrieking at her.

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