Skilled martial artists quickly settle dispute MMA-style

Skilled martial artists quickly settle dispute MMA-style

A fight that doesn’t feature hair pulling, biting, messy ground action, or sloppy strikes. Yes folks, we finally stumbled upon an altercation between two legitimately skilled opponents. And what’s more, they even show respect to each other. Yep, not even a cheap shot.

Although we at don’t condone the use of violence outside a ring or cage, we acknowledge that sometimes this is the only outcome available. With that said, it’s important to note that the two young men featured in the following footage likely had other ways to solve their quarrels. And yet they didn’t. They chose to resort to physical violence in order to put an end to their dispute. Again we don’t condone this type of behavior.

The reason over which the two men (who both appear to be surfers) were fighting is unclear since the footage starts right at the beginning of their confrontation. What we do know, though, is that they managed to pull off a skilled and entertaining fight.

The man with the white shorts doesn’t lose time and lands a nice jab before diving for a double leg takedown. His opponent, wearing turquoise shorts, stuffs his attempt and even ends up in the mount position after a short scramble! He lands a big punch but eventually, both men stand back up… but not for long. They eventually fall to the ground again and stall position for quite some time. Just enough time for the person who filmed the fight to shout “Relax, relax!” approximately 542,321 times.

Both surfers eventually get up and a closely contested striking exchange ensues. That is until the man in turquoise goes for a big right hook…

… that his opponent dodges brilliantly. From there it takes less than 20 seconds for the man in white to take down his opponent, mount him, unleash some heavy ground and pound, and submit him with a rear-naked choke. Do yourself a favor and watch the above video. Skilled, action-packed street fights are quite a rarity.

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