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Skilled street fighter vs. skilled kickboxer in bare-knuckle fight

You don't usually see this much skill from both people in a fight outside a cage or ring...
Skilled street fighter vs. kickboxer in brutal bare-knuckle fight

Skilled street fighter vs. kickboxer in brutal bare-knuckle fight

It’s rare to see a relatively experienced fighter involved in an outdoor scrap— it’s even rarer to see two. The footage shown here captures just that— trained fighters who are both athletic in appearance and ready to rumble.

The two starring front and center at this particular event are wearing black and blue trunks, so for the purpose of this article, they will be referred to as Black and Blue. In addition, we are seeing two different styles collide here as Blue is a trained kickboxer and Black is a conditioned street fighter.

The versatility Blue brings with his kickboxing gives him the immediate edge and he begins the fight by pressing the pace— showing greater diversity in his strikes and being the significantly busier of the two fighters. Blue spends most of the early exchanges landing at will with an assortment of strikes ranging from kicks, jabs, combinations, and knees in the clinch, to spinning techniques— not to mention a superman punch was thrown in for good measure.

To Black’s credit, he is tough and does a reasonably good job at avoiding taking serious damage. At one moment in the fight, it even looks like he might turn things around when he catches a hasty kick thrown by Blue, but it was all for not as he could not capitalize with his comparatively sloppy technique.

Blue begins to dominate Black at an increasing rate as the fight progresses and eventually drops him with a stiff jab— a knockdown undoubtedly aided by the accumulation of blows that Blue lands throughout the fight.

Black gets back up to his feet and continues to fight, but the outcome seems inevitable as Blue begins to tee off on his beleaguered opponent. The video ends with Black wisely conceding defeat and the two men are sure to shake hands in a show of respect before they part ways.

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