Skilled skinny kid destroys town bully

We do not condone street fighting. Without a referee and a contained environment, things can escalate and someone could be seriously hurt.

However, in this video that is not the case. We don’t know the complete backstory here, but it looks like two teenagers agreed to fight in a parking lot under rule set. There was definitely not a weigh in. One opponent, we will call ‘RexKwonDo Pants’ agreed to fight a much smaller opponent. However, the much smaller opponent clearly has some martial arts training.

RexKwonDo Pants starts the encounter off confident, clearly believing he’ll have the advantage of his much smaller opponent. He tries to use a jab and some wild punches but is out of range. His skinny opponents use good movement and some left high kicks outside the punching range. Then he lands a big left straight punch that makes RexKwon Do Pants’ demeanor change immediately and asks for a stop.

You can see he doesn’t want to fight anymore. They continue to circle a little more with the skinny kid landing some more punches before eventually, RexKwonDo Pants wants to stop fighting.

It used to be that size and strength was considered the most important factor in determining who would win a street fight. Then, at UFC 1 in 1993, Royce Gracie changed people’s perception of what a real fight was.

Weighing only 176 lbs, Gracie was the smallest competitor in the 8-man tournament. He easily dispatched of each of his opponents using the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques developed by his family. In the first round, he easily took down former pro boxer Art Jimmerson, who verbally submitted after being mounted and pinned down.

In the second round, Gracie defeated Ken Shamrock by rear naked choke and then Savate World Champion Gerard Gourdeau in the finals, again by rear naked choke.