WATCH: Barely flyweight teenager chokes out heavyweight man in neighborhood street fight

street fight

Weight classes are important in professional bouts, but in a street fight, teenagers can beat down grown men if they have legit fighting talent.

There is an old saying in fight sports where a good big man can beat a good little man. That size-geared analogy fits when a combat sports matchup features two competitors with even talents but uneven size differentials. However, in the real world, fight skills are all sorts of imbalanced, and in the embedded video below we see how a major size advantage could do nothing to make up for a massive gap in actual fight ability.

Flyweight teenager clowns a heavyweight man in a street fight

In the footage, we jump right into a confrontation between a teenage boy and a likely 40-something adult man. The teen tries to walk off, however, the man taunts the youth. Leaving the decision to fight up to him. The youngster uses some homophobic terms to convey to the man that he would be in a for a long afternoon if the pair commenced in a duel of fisticuffs.

The adult offers up a free shot, to which the youth yells in response a warning of, “I’m not a b**** like you, that’s the point I’m trying to make.” Despite his crude language, it’s the younger man that is trying to be the bigger person and avoid a violent public clowning.

Eventually, the teen takes his opponent up on the offer and lands with a quick elbow. The man looks to respond, but we quickly learn the teenager has legitimate grappling skills, and soon finds himself on the man’s back and attempting to lock in a rear-naked choke. The man tries punches and even standing up and falling backwards on the teen, but nothing works to get this little spider monkey off.

It leads to the inevitable, and the man is put to sleep, despite trying to tap his way out of an early nap. With his foe incapacitated, the youth lets loose with some serious UFC level ground-and-pound shots that wake the man up from his slumber. Back on his feet and more wobbly than a newborn giraffe he seems to be confused about what actually just happened, and even yells at the kid, “You want to start some more s***?”

The teen hilariously reminds his defeated opponent that it was him that was just beatdown and choked out. The pair eventually decide the fight is over and walk off on their separate paths. Being examples of the age-old lesson of size doesn’t matter in an unfair battle of skill.

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