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Street fight done right

So let's take a look at a prime example of a dope street fight that (kinda) followed these rules. These also make for a much easier fight to watch and less cringe worthy.
Street Fight done right

This is probably very similar in many places you guys grew up, but when I was growing up in New York, we handled fist fights the right way. We handled it like men and men had rules. Gentlemen Rules.

Lots of fights I see these days whether they are in the street or on the web, get blown out of proportion, mostly by the crowd and the friends in the area. When this happens, the fighters don't give the right opportunity to actually settle their differences and many times someone gets hurt or arrested.

There is nothing worse than wanting to fight someone and have environment around you dictate the fight.

Now, where I'm from there is a set of rules that is somewhat unspoken but if they need to be spoken, they will be.

Here are our gentlemen fist fight rules:

1. Hands and feet only. Punches and kicks are the only weapons you can use as we are gentlemen.

2. Don't try to actually kill the person. So don't bite the person, don't eye gouge the person, don't stomp their nuts, slam their head on concrete, and do not stomp them out when unconscious. We are fighting, we are not looking for a prison term.

3. Lastly….let them fight. Nobody should jump in. I don't care if your friend is slightly losing the fight. Only jump in when someone is doing way to much damage or breaking any of the above rules, or has won the fight and come in as safety, not as a backup.

NOTE: Some street fights lay out ground rules prior. These will usually be along the lines of "No Wrestling", "No Kicks", etc. These are small tweaks to the rules that need to be agreed upon. These usually are discussed while handing your homies your phone, watch, and necklace.

So let's take a look at a prime example of a dope street fight that (kinda) followed these rules. These also make for a much easier fight to watch and less cringe worthy. Now, in my opinion, this is a prime example of a fight that can be analyzed like any great prize fight.

This fight went with the street rules format all the way down to the "Shirts vs Skins" uniform options. As per their uniform, I will refer to them by their choice of clothing moving forward.

Right off the bat, we notice that both guys are in the southpaw stance, SKINS is using more of a traditional martial arts stance, one that is closer to that of JKD, while his opponent SHIRTS is rocking more of a traditional western boxing stance.

SKINS comes forward with a barrage or punches and lands a pretty sweet foot sweep(maybe a slip) that sends SHIRTS to the ground, but using his acrobatic skills, he flew back up to his feet like straight out of a Jackie Chan film. While SHIRTS does his acrobatics, SKINS throw a kick to that head that lands beautifully.

The two fighters reset as they left the fighting area set back up in front of the garage. SHIRTS looks to keep using a lead inside leg kick that he gauge distance with. He lands that short kick, a quick jab, and rushes in for the clinch. The two engage in a clinch/headlock position, this is where we hear the "Ref" say "No grab, no grab". This is where we get caught up on the Street Rules that they are using, so obviously this is a striking matchup.

The two separate and SKINS lasts a few huge left punches that send SHIRTS to the ground immediately, he keeps raining down punches and looks to get the flash knockout. Fight over, you "winner" is SKINS.

Now I did use quotations when I credited victor but let me give my thoughts on this fight and finish. My first thoughts on this finish, there were some huge shots that were landed. But if you look closely, SKINS is cheating by grabbing that shirt and uses it to propel his punches more violently. This is seconds after they separated because of excess clinching. So I'd have to consult with the "Ref" on this fight to get more clarity. Some Street Rules would call this a DQ, a No Contest, or if they are allowing that to slide by, it would be a strong TKO win for SKINS.