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Bouncer: Shirtless wannabe tough guy picks fight with a GIANT doorman

The combination of boxing, wrestling, and size proves effective.
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This is even worse than Beer Muscles, this is a Beer Giant (vs. a giant giant)

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Common sense dictates that fighting a nightclub bouncer is a terrible idea, but the ego of the wannabe tough guy in this video got the better of him. 

Multiple studies have beeb conducted establishing that after drinking, people think they performed well on a driving test, and did not. Although the evidence is anecdotal not scientific, the same phenomenon exists with fighting skills. Everyone knows about Beer Muscles, but there's Beer Fighter, too. 

The action begins with the shirtless reveler walking across the road in an attempt to pick a fight with the bearded, bald-headed bouncer who’s standing on the other side.

As he gets closer it becomes ever more apparent that he’s at a major size disadvantage compared to the bouncer, the approximate equivalent of a welterweight trying to fight a heavyweight.

Others watching on from the sidelines can be heard in the background trying to warn him not to fight, but he ignores them and fakes throwing a punch at the bouncer.

There’s no backing down now. 

Technical Breakdown

Two get into fighting stances opposite each other. The bouncer is in a largely bladed stance, with lead toe and rear heel aligned. Through his footwork, careful head movement, and calm mind, he manages distance beautifully.

The shirtless guy feels out with the jab a couple of times and wings a wild haymaker that completely misses its intended target. That leaves him wide open to a counter. The bouncer evades the shot, without having his head move too far back, and follows immediately with a short right hand that drops the tough guy where he stands, landing in an untidy heap onto the road.

Luckily, the fool lands on his shoulder, and not the back of his head. Landing on his head could have been catastrophic.

To his credit, the bouncer doesn’t follow up with any further strikes to the grounded troublemaker, but he does opt to subdue him there so that he won’t lash out again.

As the troublemaker attempts to get to his knees, the bouncer leans some weight on him and secures a one on one. Then he is able to trap both of his arms, one between his legs and one using his arm with hand on head.

That leaves his humiliated attacker completely powerless to do anything as he squirms like a child underneath the bouncer, who casually lies across him with one hand propping his head up like it's no big deal.

In hindsight, hopefully, the troublemaker will have learned that street fighting, in general, is a bad idea and should be avoided unless you are left with no other option, while purposefully picking a fight with a huge bouncer is just an exercise in sheer stupidity that won't end well!

The greatest takeaway here is that the single greatest thing you can do for self-defense is this: avoid drunk people. And if you can't, the combination of boxing, wrestling, and size is formidable.

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