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Injured, but didn't quit

Here are some of the fights where fighters had some gruesome and painful injuries but decided to continue fighting.
Rich Franklin KOs Chuck Liddell

Rich Franklin KOs Chuck Liddell

Injuries in an MMA fight are an extremely common thing. Many of these injuries are ones that force the fight to be finished, while some are injuries that depending on the toughness and heart of the fighter, it is up to them whether or not they want to continue or not. Here are some of the fights where fighters had some gruesome and painful injuries but decided to continue fighting.

4) Jon Jones’ Big Toe
This was an injury sustained in his bout versus Chael Sonnen at UFC 159. This fight was an extremely dominant performance by Jones as he was able to TKO Chael Sonnet in the first round. But, if the fight would have been longer than one round we could have seen a stoppage by the doctor or even a fighter taking advantage or Jones’ limited movement.

It wasn’t until after the bout that Jon realized that his toe was messed up and in one of the funniest reaction by a fighter, we saw Jon Jones turn visibly green as he was interviewed by Joe Rogan. Enjoy the interview Jon as he tried to answer the questions when his mind is thinking about his toe and only his toe.

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3) Uriah Hall’s Toe

Another freak toe injury that had a fighter continue pressing on through was the middleweight bout between Uriah Hall and Thiago Santos. The thing that so impressive, was that in the first round Uriah hall was in an exchange that broke his toe but kept fighting for another two rounds with a toe that was sideways. He not only kept fighting, but kept pressing the pace and throwing kicks with the broken toe.

After the fight, Uriah told the media that it took a group of five doctors to re-break his toe and help get his toes fixed.

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2) Randy Couture’s Broken Forearm

In a great matchup at UFC 74 back in 2007, top heavyweights Gabriel Gonzaga and Randy Couture battled for the UFC Interim Heavyweight Title.

This was an awesome fight where we saw a full range of mixed martial arts and showed how exciting dirty boxing, effective takedowns, and smothering ground and pound really is.

During this fight there was a blocked a high-kick from Gonzaga that broke Randy's arm as he attempted to block it. Most fans watching the fight might not have noticed the injury of Couture as he pushed through and dominated Gonzaga with a barrage of takedowns followed by some brutal ground and pound that forced the referee to end the match in the third.

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1) Rich Franklin’s Arm

Former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell took on the former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin in the main event at UFC 115. This fight had fireworks written all over it and boy did it not disappoint.

The two fighters came out looking to throw huge strikes and exchanged a heavy amount of kicks. You see one noticeable kick that lands to the left arm of Franklin and he looks at it as if something was wrong, which it was broken. Rich continued fighting and was getting beat by Chuck until the final seconds of the round. The two exchanged and Rich landed a beautiful hand that sent Chuck to the ground, ending his night and his fighting career at the same time.

This goes down as my favorite fight where a fighter had an injury and kept fighting through it. Nothing like going out on your shield and not quitting just because one of your 206 bones in broken.

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