UFC’s top 5 most HEATED grudge matches

Just about everybody loves a good grudge match which is why it’s no surprise that these type of heated-rivalry fights almost always tend to be the biggest sellers on PPV.

In this video from UFC Now, we see Kenny Florian and Alan Jouban, along with host Megan Olivi, break down their picks for the top 5 best grudge matches in UFC history and there’s one in particular that they all agree on.

All three include the second fight between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate on their list from UFC 168, and it’s really no surprise there. You could really tell that Rousey and Tate genuinely hated each other and it was by no means manufactured like a lot of these so-called ‘rivalries’ tend to be today.

They were at each other’s throats the entire 18th season of TUF that they coached opposite each other prior to the fight too, and it’s almost a shock that they made it through that entire season without a serious incident occurring.

Many times heated grudge matches and rivalries fail to live up to the hype, probably because when both combatants hate each other so much, they don’t want to lose to that person and perhaps fight more cautiously. But the second fight between Rousey and Tate definitely delivered.

Although Ronda ended up winning via her trademark armbar, Tate gave her a pretty good fight especially considering the absolute tear Ronda went on after.

Also appearing on two out of three of the hosts’ lists is the second fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, though, both fights between the pair were excellent and dramatic but in different ways.

Hopefully, McGregor and Diaz eventually have a third fight someday as they just match up so well together, both in terms of fighting styles as well as in the pre-fight stuff too.

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