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5 high level techniques that finished street encounters in dramatic fashion

5 high-level techniques that finished street encounters in dramatic fashion
5 high level techniques that finished street encounters in dramatic fashion

5 high level techniques that finished street encounters in dramatic fashion

It’s both rare and impressive to witness successfully executed martial arts and self-defense techniques that require a high degree of skill to orchestrate— especially when such events transpire during unexpected conflicts on the street.

Street encounters are often bumbling affairs where unskilled brawlers throw wide, looping punches at one another with a level of technique consistent of drunken eleven-year-olds. All too often, one will gain a false sense of bravado from watching a few organized fights, or doing curls and lunges at the local gym between sessions of taking filtered selfies. If that’s you, know in advance that if you ever run into a real martial artist, it’s quite possible that you’ll wind up on a list like this— forever shamed, humiliated and confined to bitter commentary in the comment section.

Anyhow, let’s get to that list.

5) Prank goes terribly wrong

Imagine being cast on a prank reality television show, involved in a fake robbery, and getting head kicked into next year by a real martial artist on the scene who merely thought he was being a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, the actor in this video is the only one who got punked on this week’s episode.


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4) Robber locked up in triangle choke

Strawweight fighter Monique Bastos was on her way to Jiu-Jitsu training with two other friends in Acailandia, Brazil, when two men who wanted to steal her cell phone attacked her. Of course, they had no idea that Bastos was a professional MMA fighter. One of the men literally cried out for his mom after Bastos locked him up in a triangle choke as she waited for police to arrive to arrest him.


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3) He never stood a chance

There’s an obvious and gaping skill disparity on display here as these two shirtless warriors go at it in the dirt. The younger of the two males definitely has some training under his belt as he unleashes a plethora of intermediate level striking techniques that include a wheel kick that drops his foe and a superman punch that knocks him out.

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2) Suplex City

It’s difficult to watch these two sloppy brawlers and arrive at the conclusion that there’s a high level of technical skill being utilized here— that is until one of the gentleman absolutely decimates his foe with a perfectly orchestrated belly-to-back suplex. They don’t say wrestling is the best base skill-set in MMA for nothing.


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1) Blink and you might miss this one

Here we see a gentleman with a tank top and another with pink shorts squaring off in what appears to be a park of some sort. While the tank top wearing male’s hands are down throughout the action, he looks as though he’s done this before given his general sense of balance and movement. He does his best Anderson Silva impression, slips a couple of punches with his hands down, and then hits the mark with a perfectly placed backhand that separates his adversary from consciousness and finishes the fight.

When utilized with accuracy and competence, this strike not only comes with the element of surprise, but can also generate some serious torque and concussive force— the quick and explosive knockout seen in this fight may serve as a reminder.


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