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5 VERY cool Muay Thai sweeps you should know

5 VERY cool Muay Thai sweeps you should know
5 VERY cool Muay Thai sweeps you should know

5 VERY cool Muay Thai sweeps you should know

In the 1984 film 'The Karate Kid' starring Ralph Macchio as Daniel-san, 'sweeping the leg' was a strategy seen employed by bad guy Johnny in the finals under the misguided influence of his ethically lacking Sensei, Kreese.

The film made it seem as if it was a highly dangerous, almost dirty technique that wasn't really performed right to begin with. However, in real Muay Thai it is a pretty standard, basic technique.

In the following video from martial arts YouTube channel 'fightTIPS' they break down 5 different ways to correctly sweep someone's leg out from under them that can be used in competition or in self-defense.


Alongside Shane from fightTIPS is professional Muay Thai fighter Justin Greskiewicz and if there's anybody who knows how to perform these techniques it is someone who has used them in action.

Most of the sweeps start out from the leg catching position, whereas you catch someone's kick then kick their other leg out from under them. You can do that a couple of different ways like they demonstrate in the video, depending on which kick they throw at you.

One of the best Muay Thai fighters of all time, Saenchai, makes excellent use of sweeps in his fights. He is also great at kick catching too as the two techniques often go hand in hand.

You can also set up a sweep by faking a low kick which gets your opponent to react by lifting up his leg to check the kick, then you sweep his other leg out from under them like we see in this video.


fightTIPS teaches you how to fight with street fight and anti-bullying self defense, including martial art technique and fitness tutorials to win a fight and increase confidence. Avoid a fight at all costs, but when you can't -- avoid injury. New uploads every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday! [Source: YouTube]

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