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8 UFC fighters with the hottest girlfriends

In a sport that is comprised of some of the toughest and most conditioned athletes in the world, it's no surprise that beautiful women come with the territory.

In a sport that is comprised of some of the toughest and most conditioned athletes in the world, it's no surprise that beautiful women come with the territory. These eight UFC fighters have set the bar by landing themselves gorgeous girlfriends.


8) Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz should technically make this list twice. At one time, Ortiz was the most popular fighter in the Octagon and helped usher the sport into the main stream. In his personal life, Ortiz was once married to adult film star Jenna Jameson, whom he has two children with.

After separating from Jameson, Ortiz is rumored to now be dating former UFC Octagon girl Amber Nichole-Miller.

Amber 73

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7) Randy Couture

Former UFC heavyweight champion and light heavyweight champion Randy Couture transitioned into Hollywood after his fighting career ended. He also seems to have transitioned into dating Hollywood-level women. After separating from his wife, Kim, Couture had been seen with several women, but recently has settled in with girlfriend Mindy Robinson.

Robinson is a successful model, actress, and reality TV star with over 150 credits to her name.


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6) Chael Sonnen

'The American Gansta' was once seconds away from winning the UFC middleweight title before being submitted by Anderson Silva in the final seconds of the fifth round.

Fortunately for Sonnen, despite not winning a world-title, he was able to land his beautiful wife, Britanny Smith-Sonnen.


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5) Travis Browne

UFC heavyweight Travis Browne moved his training camp from Team Jackson to the Glendale Fight Club and found more than just a new team and coach, but also a girlfriend.

The girlfriend just happens to be former UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Rousey and Browne's relationship was kept quiet, but Rousey finally admitted to the relationship and engagement rumors have been floated around.

Rousey recently told Ellen Degeneres that her love for Browne and desire to have children with him is one reason that helped her cope with suicidal thoughts following her loss at UFC 193.

Ronda Rousey

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4) Ian McCall

Flyweight Ian McCall might only be 5'5" and a hundred and thirty five pounds, but apparently some smoking hot girls are into that. McCall is one of the top flyweights in the UFC and his former girlfriend is smoke show Brittney Brannagan.

Brannagan is a 5'7" 100 lb. professional model from Portland, Oregon who also is part-time photographer when she isn't in front of the camera.

Brittney Brannagan

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3) Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian was the runner-up on the first ever season of the Ultimate Fighter, but he may have come in first against Diego Sanchez when it comes to girlfriend.

Florian married his girlfriend, model Clark Gilmer in 2014 and the two live together in Los Angeles. Gilmer is a model and actress with eight credit to her name.


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2) Anthony Pettis

Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis is the former WEC and UFC lightweight champion and the man responsible for arguably the greatest highlight moment in UFC history, the Showtime kick.

Although he's not the champion anymore, he is still one of the UFC's top lightweight stars and he gets to come home every night to girlfriend Lisette Gadzuric.


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1) Joseph Benavidez

Joseph Benavidez is the current number one ranked contender in the UFC flyweight division is likely next to receive a title. So not only is a complete bad ass, but he managed to land himself a beautiful women who is now he wife.

Megan Olivi isn't just a piece of eye candy, she is as knowledgeable as any reporter in MMA and currently works for the UFC as a host and interviewer.


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