Wednesday, August 03, 2016

MMA fighters are known for fighting, obviously. But sometimes when a fighter is out on the street, they may get into an occasional fist fight. There have been a countless amount of these brawls, and many go down as folk lore. But these are the ones that we are so lucky to have gotten footage of.

Take a look at some of the top fights involving MMA fighters outside the cage.


Roger Huerta Street Brawl

Let’s travel back to 2010 and watch the video of former UFC/Bellator fighter Roger Huerta KO’ing former Atlanta Falcons football player, Rashad Bobino, who for some reason decided to punch and KO a girl in the middle of the street.

Bobino KO’s the female, then starts walking away. That’s when Huerta appears and walks out of the crowd and into the street where the Bobino is. Huerta moves towards him and appears to start talking to him. Then we hear someone screaming Huerta’s name and telling him to stop. His buddy tries to stop him from taking the guy on, but it doesn’t work. Then, no thanks to the camera guy, we come upon an already downed and unconscious person on the street. It’s Rashad Bobino who Huerta went after.

You don’t get to see the scrap, but the aftermath is pretty brutal, as a whole group of people has to help lift this guy off the concrete.



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